Sabtu, 19 Juni 2010

My first post

Halo everyone. This is my first post in my blog, so this post will be about me. My name is Maydiva Al'caesar Basty Putri Qadr. But, you can call me Maydiva or Diva. I live at H. Sibi 1 street, number 88. I was born in Medan, May 6th 1997. I am 13 years old now. My school is 103 Junior High School. I'm in grade seven. I like playing computer, listening to music, and playing rubik's cube. My favorite subjects in school are English, Math, Music, and Science. I have 1 elder sister and 2 younger brother. My sister's name is Mahahera Bastynov Putri Almagistra. May brother's name are Tzar Muhammad Dagna Gabriel Al'afla and Tzar Ravidec Izzadh Al'abra Narrarya. Well, that's all about me. Sorry, if you think this post is not important.

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