Senin, 13 September 2010

The One Known As Fairuz

I have a friend named Fairuz a.k.a Fairuz Alfira Sayyidah Salsabila. She loves drawing. Her drawing is awesome, AMAZING, really really cool. She likes to use her free time in school to drawing things. Her favorite object to draw is animal. She also a genius, you know. She can remember a lot of things in a few minutes. And she can plays guitar and piano. She is an awesome friend. And she really likes cartoon, such as, Naruto.

These are some of her drawing:

Cute Dog :3

Cool *o*


How can she draw such a thing? I'm jealous -_-

Awesome dog (Y)

These are Fairuz's social network:
Follow her on Twitter, Deviantart and Blogger, add her on Facebook, and visit her Blog . NOW! ASAP! Please. She's a kind person. For followback on Twitter, just tweet her!

2 komentar:

  1. ano.. kayaknya yg bisa inget itu cuma waktu ulangan, SKS.. seterusnya pelupa wk :b awesome friend? thanks bud :)

  2. Sama aja lah hahaha. You're welcome :)